AEROLASE® NeoElite – Nails, Feet, Ankles Laser Therapy in Scottsdale, AZ

The AEROLASE® NeoElite is a uniquely versatile laser and delivers an optimum balance of power for maximum improvement. It is effectively used for a wide range of treatments on the nails, feet, and ankles, including: 


      • Nail Fungus 

      • Age Spots 

      • Scar Revision

      • Spider Veins 

      • Warts 

      • Pigmented Lesions 

      • Many other uses (ask us!)

    How Does the AEROLASE® NeoElite Work?

    The laser light is attracted to various substances and tissue structures in the nails and skin. The energy passes through the nail plate or through the skin and delivers its heat to the targeted tissue. The combination of high power with a unique pulse duration is what makes the AEROLASE® NeoElite so effective, yet highly tolerable during treatment, and provides maximum results in as little as one treatment.

    Is The AEROLASE® NeoElite Procedure Painful?

    No. Most patients feel little or no pain but just a heating sensation on the skin. A slight redness of the skin, if any, will fade within several hours. 

    What Happens After AEROLASE® NeoElite Treatment? 

    After treatment, you can resume your daily activities. Some treatments can require follow-up care as determined by your specialist. 

    Nail Fungus

    Onychomycosis, or nail fungus, is an infection of the toenail in which the nail changes color, thickness and quality. In addition to causing an unhealthy appearance, it can cause pain and difficulty walking.  

    Laser treatment for nail fungus is safe, quick, and highly effective. Most patients are able to be clear of their infection with only one or two treatments. Laser procedures for nail fungus are proven to be a much safer and effective method as compared to oral medications or topical creams. One of the key aspects of eradicating nail fungus is to achieve penetration of the laser energy into the nail bed. This area needs significant heating to ensure the fungal material is destroyed, which requires a deep-heating and powerful laser. The AEROLASE® Neo Elite offers patients the ideal laser for such treatment. After the treatment, patients are able to resume their daily activities as normal.

    Results are not immediate, as it takes anywhere from 3-12 months for the new, non-infected nail to grow.  It is recommended that patients follow this preventive care regimen to avoid reinfection:


        • Apply an antifungal cream for 2 weeks following the procedure;

        • Always spray inside the shoes at the end of the day with an antifungal spray and avoid wearing the shoes for 2 days or use Steri-Shoe ultraviolet shoe sanitizers;

        • After 2 weeks, spray the feet or fingers with anti-fungal spray on an ongoing basis;

        • Change the sheets the 1st night after each treatment;

        • Cleanse the floor of the shower before next use with a cleanser that includes bleach;

        • Cleanse all nail instruments with bleach before using them again;

        • Throw out any nail polish previously used on the nails;

        • Exercise caution in public areas like hotel rooms and public showers.

      Hair Removal Treatment

      Laser hair removal uses a combination of heat and energy to destroy the hair follicle without harming the skin around it. The AEROLASE® Neo Elite laser offers patients a uniquely pain-free and gentle way to get rid of any unwanted hair. Most patients who have been treated by other lasers say that being treated with the AEROLASE® Neo Elite is much gentler and more pleasant. During laser hair removal, the hair must be in its growing phase in order to be successfully destroyed. To ensure that all hair is effectively removed during the growing phase, you will receive a series of treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart. This will successfully ensure maximum results.

      PFB Treatment

      PFB (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, i.e. ingrown hairs, razor bumps or beard bumps) is an irritating condition that is commonly caused by shaving. It often appears in patients of darker skin types, including tanned skin and skin types IV through VI. The laser selectively targets melanin in the underlying hair and follicle, as well as hyperpigmentation surrounding the lesion. Due to the unique 650-microsecond pulse duration being 50 to 500 times shorter than pulses durations typically used for hair removal by other laser technologies, the energy passes through the skin quickly and does not overheat the epidermal melanin to effectively treat the condition.

      Pigmented Lesions Treatment

      Over time, your skin is affected by exposure to UV light, which can cause pigmentary changes on the surface of the skin. The result can be sun or age spots as well as freckles. Some skin is affected by pigmentary changes at birth, called nevi or birthmarks.  Regardless of the pigmentary condition, the AEROLASE® Neo Elite can safely and effectively treat your pigmented lesion, resulting in an even and uniform skin tone.

      Veins Treatment

      The AEROLASE® Neo Elite is able to safely treat a broad range of visible blood vessels from angiomas and spider veins to large leg veins. The AEROLASE® Neo Elite delivers a pulse of laser energy, which will cause the blood within the vein to coagulate and destroy the vessel, which will have absorbed by your body over several weeks to leave your skin looking rejuvenated and youthful. No matter what part of your body is affected, the AEROLASE® Neo Elite can safely and effectively take care of any unwanted veins.

      Is AEROLASE® NeoElite Right for Me?

      Outcomes may vary depending on your age, the condition of the skin and nails, and various other factors. Your laser practitioner will review these, as well as your medical history, to determine the most appropriate and effective treatment for you.

      Did you know: Aerolase can also be used for things like Acne, Nails, Feet, Veins, and Psoriasis? 

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