Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy
Red light therapy may also be referred to as photobiomodulation therapy because it affects the body. As the Mito red light passes through chromophores in mitochondria in the body’s cells, metabolic energy processes are activated. Stimulating ATP production increases the transport of energy within cells, resulting in increased cell proliferation. This boost to the body’s natural healing cycle reduces inflammation and heals damaged tissue.

Benefits of Mito Red Light Therapy include:

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You will most likely need ongoing treatments. For most skin conditions, this is not a one-time treatment. The number of Red Light Therapy sessions per week depends on your needs and what you try to achieve; however, at least three sessions per week are recommended.
Yes. It is both safe and painless to receive red light therapy. While the red lights may be bright, this FDA-approved service will generate minimal amounts of heat, and there is no need to wear eye protection unless desired.
Each Red Light Therapy session typically lasts about 15 minutes.
Red Light Therapy treatments are non-invasive, non-toxic, and have no side effects. It is a very safe and effective treatment for most people.
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